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It's safe to say that your living room sofa gets the most use, but have you ever pondered if it's clean? After spending hours scrubbing your sofa, you may find that bacteria, dust mites, and other airborne contaminants remain. If you want to spend a lot of time on your couch without worrying about the negative effects of a dirty couch, experts recommend having it cleaned professionally every six months.

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Our professionals will clean the sofa with a designated technique. It includes spray the furniture with the specially designed cleaning agent for this purpose and fabric. Horse-hair brush is used to loose the tighten dust stick with the surface of the fabric or furniture.

Final step is to rinse it with the conditioner and extract dirt, conditioner and excess moisture. Upon the request of the client, Teflon protector can be applied. 

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Assess upholstery composition

Determine price

Corner-guards are used to protect the walls of your home


Pre-spray with a cleaning detergent especially designed for furniture

Agitate with a horse-hair brush to help loosen dirt deep within the fabric

Rinse with conditioner

Extract dirt, conditioner and excess moisture

Apply teflon protector (upon request)

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