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Grout needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking wonderful all year round. If cleaning your grout on a bi-annual or quarterly basis is too much for your schedule, consider hiring a professional to help. Keep your home's interior finish looking nice with regular grout cleanings. It adds value to your home.

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Professionals will first assess tile and then determine price. Small furniture can be moved with the help of our team. Tile and grout are first sprayed with specially designed cleaning agent which will remove all the dust.

The main job is to clean the grout lines which is done by the help of brush. Professionals use brush to lose the dirt from the grout lines and then rinse it with high pressure. Last step is to extract the excess water and apply grout stealer on request.

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Assess your tile

Determine price

Corner-guards are used to protect the walls of your home

Move furniture as needed *

Pre-spray with a cleaning detergent especially designed for your tile and grout

Agitate the grout lines with brush to loosen dirt

High pressure rinse

Extract excess water

Apply grout sealer (upon request)

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