Types of Carpets and Rugs – What are the Differences

Carpets and rugs play an important role in connecting different spaces in our home. Not only do these units complete the room, but they also help you complete the feel in it. From durable synthetics to hand-loomed wools, you can choose from a variety of materials available on the market. Here are the some of the many types of carpets and rugs to bring a livable living space.

Types of Carpets and Rugs

  1. Wool Carpets

There is nothing like the color, warmth, and softness that hand-tufted and handwoven carpets create to the space. This style is available in different designs and models, from traditional styles, modern neutrals, to sculpted dimensions and artistic graphics, which are all in plush wool. Wool is naturally resistant to staining due to the natural oils which can prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface. More importantly, they often require little upkeep and maintenance, making them ideal for using in high traffic areas.

  1. Natural Fiber Carpets

Natural fiber carpets or rugs can create a neutral texture and organic look to any room in a flat weave. They are also many natural options for adding the relaxed kickback vibe to a weekend cottage, or the casual style to classic family or living rooms. Most of these units are woven in unique patterns, making them stand out from the existing décor in your space. The only drawback is that it is really expensive compared to other materials on this list.

  1. Synthetic CarpetsTypes of Carpets and Rugs

Synthetic fiber carpets present the value of man-made materials. Mimicking the feel and look of both wool and natural fiber, this type of material is naturally resistant to wear and tear, as well as stains. Clean Customs Carpet Cleaning says that although synthetic is at the lower side of the pricing, it is extremely durable and colorfast. This makes it an ideal options for high traffic areas. In most cases, you can use synthetic carpets to update your room with new seasonal texture and color. There are also machined-loomed models, which are woven tightly for use in the laundry room, basement, mudroom, or kitchen.

  1. Hair-on-Hide Carpets

Handcrafted by the most skilled artisans, this type of carpet creates a contemporary and organic look with its natural texture. More importantly, it can showcase a complex color palette which might fit different home aesthetics. The process of manufacturing is really complicated. Each carpet is made of cowhide, which is stitched together and glued to the cotton-latex backing to create eye-catching patterns. For this reason, hair-on-hide carpets are extremely expensive and ideal for luxurious spaces.

  1. Cotton Carpets

Bringing the breath of air into the space, cotton carpets provide your rooms with a sleek look without costing too much money. Whether they are placed in the den, on the bathroom floor, in front of your kitchen sink, or by the entryway, these units can give you many options to mix and match with a large collection of colors and patterns. However, make sure to place a cotton carpet in shaded spaces to avoid direct sunlight, which can make the surface faded over time.

So, What are the Different Types of Rugs?

The differences depend on the materials the carpet is made from, and how it’s constructed. The various types of carpets and rugs can help complete a room’s look. Some rooms are best with an accent rug, while others are better off with carpet. Be sure to pick the right type that will be most suitable for your needs.