Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet – DIY

Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet

When carpets pick up deep stains, you are worried that it may never get off. Worry not; there is a solution for you. Are you happy now? Hold on, not so fast. First of all, you have to decide between steam clean vs shampoo carpet. Choosing one over the other should be informed by the kind of grime on the carpet you are dealing with. All in all, each method has its pros and cons. Read to the end, and you will be making the right decision for your carpet. 

Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet

Want to revive your carpet from unfortunate dog mishaps? This article will take you through a comparison for both carpet cleaning methods. You will learn when to use one over the other. Most importantly, you know the pros and cons of each method. 

Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet

Steam vs shampoo carpet cleaning.

It all comes down to the kind of cleaning you want. You can choose either of the methods, but there are differences between the two. 

Steam cleaning for carpets.     

Expert carpet cleaners say this cleaning method utilizes steam to penetrate dirt, grime, and get to their roots. Notably, this method will not be leaving any chemical residue on your carpet fabric. It only uses steam favor to remove all the dirt. On top of leaving your carpet spotlessly clean, steam cleaning kills 99% of allergens, germs, and any other illness-causing organisms. Besides, when you clean carpets with this method, they will dry faster than they would with other methods. 

Shampoo cleaning for carpets.

You are not only using shampoo; you may need other chemicals to remove dirt effectively. Therefore, you will have chemical residue after you clean your carpet. Another thing with carpet shampooing is that it does not kill all germs and allergens. It may kill pests, but it is not potent enough to kill their eggs. One more letdown for this method is that your carpet will take a long time to dry. 

Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet

Which method is good for you?

You want to leave your home clean and germ-free, right? That is what every homeowner would want. Steam cleaning is by far the best method. On top of leaving your carpets sparkling clean, it also gets rid of all the germs and allergens. Who wouldn’t want that after cleaning their carpets? You are not getting any chemical residue in your carpets. That’s not all; your carpet will take a relatively shorter time to dry. You can see for yourself that steam cleaning is the ideal method to clean your carpet. It will boil down to your preference but remember you are looking for results and convenience. You can always hire professionals to clean your carpet if it becomes too stressful. 

The debate for steam clean vs shampoo carpet should now be settled. You not only know the best methods, but also the perks that come with it. Steam cleaning is the go-to solution for any grime on your carpet. It will clean and kill all the germs on it. Drying your carpet will take a shorter time, and you will be happy with the results. There are many benefits to having carpet, do not let a dirty carpet get in your way. So, go ahead and pick your poison now that you know what each can do.