Nylon Carpet Cleaning [The Ultimate Guide]

Nylon Carpet Cleaning [The Ultimate Guide]

Nylon carpets are quite popular because of their durability and luxurious feel. Nylon fibers can withstand a lot and can be the best carpet for high traffic areas. Although, when you have nylon carpet at home, the care and cleaning tips are a bit different from that of the normal ones. Worry not, as we have some of the best nylon carpet cleaning tips for you that can help you to keep the carpet clean. Here are some of the day-to-day care tips for your nylon carpet.

Nylon Carpet Cleaning

Nylon carpet cleaning is ideal for high traffic areas since it is relatively more durable than other types of carpet. To clean nylon carpet, you’ll have to vacuum regularly, promptly clean all food and spills and call a professional to get it cleaned every 2 years.

Day-to-Day Care

For day-to-day care, you have to keep the three most important things in mind when it comes to nylon carpet. These are:

  1. You have to vacuum more frequently
  2. Promptly clean all the food or drink spills and take measures to disinfect them accordingly
  3. Call a professional to clean it once every 24 months


Vacuuming the carpet thoroughly is one of the most important tips to keep your carpet looking new and great. It is especially preferable for high-traffic areas. When you are vacuuming, it will help to remove all the dust and dirt particles which can potentially dull the appearance of the carpet.

The best vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet is an upright vacuum cleaner with rotating accessories. This can be a power head for cleaning the carpets most efficiently. You should not use overly stiff brushes on the beater bar. This can make the carpet fuzzier.

Cleaning the Carpet

When it comes to professional cleaning, you need to make sure that the carpet is properly cleaned. But before that, you also have to clean the carpet if any stains appear from the spills or soils. You can use different methods of cleaning. Some of the basic steps of cleaning are:

  1. Scoop up the spill as much as possible immediately. Do not rub but blot the area with the help of clean white cloth. This will remove the excess moisture.
  2. You have to apply warm (but not hot) water and blot the spill. Repeat the step unless and until there is no stain on the carpet.
  3. You can apply the solution on the stained area using a clean cloth. Let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  4. Now, you have to use the white paper towels and absorb all the moisture. Let the carpet dry now.

Professional Cleaning

Even though you are vacuuming regularly and cleaning the stains from the spills immediately, your carpet needs professional cleaning. This can be done once in a year. You have to call a professional carpet cleaning service which can provide you with the best cleaning experience. They provide the cleaning services based on your needs and requirements. They start from vacuuming to steam cleaning, spot cleaning and drying.


So, these are some of the basic and important nylon carpet cleaning tips. These will help you to keep your carpet clean. You can also make sure that the carpet looks newer and better and will prevent carpet wicking spots with these simple yet effective caring tips. Cleaning the carpets is important to keep it hygienic and free from germs and bacteria.

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