How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet [Completely]

How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet [Completely]

Modern beauty trends have transformed the use of makeup from a simple to an intensive process that makes use of a range of beautification products, many in a powdered form. While the user will enjoy the result of the makeup, there is a risk of accidentally getting some of the powdered makeup on the carpet. Below you will find techniques on how to get powder makeup out of carpet, as well as many other pesky makeup products.

How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet

  1. Removing Powder Foundation

You will need a spoon or knife, paper towels or microfiber clothes, dish washing detergent, and a vacuum cleaner. Immediately after the spilling, you should scrap as much powder as you can from the spot using the knife or spoon. Add some of the detergent with cold water and use it to dampen a towel or microfiber cloth. Use the dampened towel to gently blot the spot on the carpet that has been affected while moving inwards. Once there is no trace of stain left, dampen a fresh cloth with lean water and use this to clear any trace of the soap. Blot the area with a dry fresh cloth and then vacuum the area.

  1. Removing Mascara Spills

All you need are microfiber cloths, a makeup remover, and cold water. Apply the makeup remover to a cloth and not directly to the carpet. Gently bloat the area until all the stain is off using fresh cloths as needed. Once you are finished, blot the area with a cloth dampened by fresh cold water then dry the area using a new cloth.

How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet
  1. Removing Eyeliner Spills

Liquid eyeliner is usually the culprit here so you will need a half a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of vinegar and microfiber cloths. Mix the vinegar with some water and lightly dip a cloth in the mixture. Use this cloth to dab at the stain until there is none left behind working from outside. Get a fresh towel or cloth and dampen it with clean water. Use this cloth to clear any traces of the vinegar solution. Gently dry the spot with a fresh cloth.

  1. Removing Eye-shadow Powder

Given that some eye-shadows are oil-based, you may have a challenge cleaning them using the normal cleaning solutions. For this, you will need water, hydrogen peroxide and of course microfiber cloths. Apply drops of hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain and then use the cloth dab the area while spreading the drops over the stain.

DYW Carpet insists to be careful not to scrub or rub the area as this will drive the stain deeper or make it cover a bigger area. Allow for the drops to work for about a minute before blotting with a dry microfiber. Dampen a fresh cloth with clean water and use it to remove any traces of hydrogen peroxide. Once done, use a dry cloth to dry the spot.


These tips on how to get powder makeup out of carpet allow you to immediately get rid of stains that can cause permanent damage to your carpet. You do not need any specialized equipment. Considering the many spills that our carpet falls victim to, it is a good idea to cover your carpet with a cloth if you know that there is a chance of spills. This is idea works well with any type of flooring, from wood to tile flooring, to ensure that your flooring will stay looking like new.

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