How to Get Ground In Dirt Out of Carpet – Freshening Your Floors

How to Get Ground In Dirt Out of Carpet – Freshening Your Floors

Dirt will always find a way to get into your carpet — regardless of the preventive measures you undertake. Not even regular vacuuming will solve your problem in the long run due to how easily these dust particles can get trapped into your carpet fibers. This article will go over how to get ground in dirt out of carpet so that you can ensure that your floors are clean.

How to Get Ground In Dirt Out of Carpet

How to Get Ground In Dirt Out of Carpet

Step 1

You’ll need to start by vacuuming your carpet. This should take care of any loose dirt lying out and about.

Step 2

Next, you’ll need a carpet cleaning agent. Your options are to: make your own at home (mix about 1/4 dishwasher soap for every cup of water and put it into a spray bottle), or buy a commercial cleaner. A DIY cleaner is frankly cheaper, but if you don’t have a spray container, you might want to go with the store bought version.

Step 3

You want to do a “test drive” of the carpet cleaning agent that you’ll be using on a small inconspicuous part of your carpet. This is to make sure the agent won’t negatively affect your carpet fibers by bleaching, fading, or changing its color.

Once you’re satisfied with the outcome from the test you’ve done, you can now continue with the next step.

Step 4

Get a clean cloth, preferably microfiber, and pour some of the cleaning agent on it. You want the cloth to be more damp, than soaking wet. Use the now damp cloth and some elbow grease to start cleaning the carpet.

Work your way from the outermost part of the ground-in-dirt, all the way to the center — so the dirt and/or stain won’t spread outwards. Leave the cleaning agent for a few minutes, then use a dry white cloth to blot out any dampness.

You’ll need to keep repeating this step until there’s no stain coming off the carpet and onto the dry white cloth.

Step 5

Use lukewarm water to rinse the now clean carpet (because of all the accumulated suds), then get another dry cloth and blot dry the area. When you think you’ve gotten all the water out, place another clean dry cloth over the area, then place a heavy object on the cloth to soak up the rest of the water. Leave this overnight, as it will help draw out whatever moisture you missed.

Step 6

On the next day, take off the heavy objects and the cloth, then vacuum once more. This is to remove any cleaning agent that may have dried and lingered. This step is important since they can make your carpet look worse than before cleaning.

Step 7

If the stain area is large, and will thus require more elbow grease and microfiber cloth than you’re willing to spare, then consider using an extractor or steam cleaning your carpet. The process uses heat, and sometimes a cleaning agent, to loosen and pull dirt from the fibers of your carpet. It does the whole thing almost simultaneously, so it’s pretty fast.

Next Steps

Dirt will always find a way to get into your home — and vacuuming isn’t always the solution. Dust and dirt particles can get ground into your carpet fibers, leaving stains throughout your floors. To remedy this, a common solution is to spot treat these areas. This article went over how to get ground in dirt out of carpet through seven simple steps. You’ll simply have to vacuum, create or purchase a cleaning solution, test the solution, and then spot treat it.

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