How to Clean Carpet Stairs [Quickly and Easily]

How to Clean Carpet Stairs [Quickly and Easily]

Are your carpeted stairs starting to look old and dirty, and don’t know how to clean carpet stairs and to renovate them? Don’t worry! Stair cleaning is a relatively easy, albeit industrious task, as long as you follow the proper staircase cleaning procedure. This article will present you a series of steps that will guide you through so you can know how to clean carpet stairs effectively and also know how to protect carpeted stairs afterwards.

Don’t know how to clean carpet stairs? You’ll need the proper tools, brush the carpet with a stiff brush to remove dirt first, vacuum, and more as it’s necessary to keep your carpets clean.

Tools to Help Clean Carpet Stairs

Before you begin, make sure you have the following cleansing instruments.

  • Stiff Brush: To loosen any debris and dirt on the stairs.
  • Vacuum: To suck up the dirt (use preferably a cordless one).
  • Carpet Shampoo: To scrub until it gets clean.
  • Carpet Cleaner: To remove any excess water.

Process to Clean Carpet Stairs

  • Brush the carpeted stairs with the stiff brush and remove dirt and debris that common vacuums can’t suck out. Always start at the top and work your way down, sweeping the dirt down as you go.
  • Vacuum and remove the loosened dirt from the carpet. Again, start at the top of the staircase.
  • Scrub each stair and stain with the carpet shampoo. If this proves to be too tedious, you could try a carpet cleaning machine or steam cleaner, but these are large appliances and with specific appliances.
  • Dry your stairs after shampooing them. You need to do it as much as you can, as it takes days for the carpet to dry naturally, and could grow some bacteria and mold.
  • After removing as much excess water, leave them to dry for a while (overnight, if possible).
  • Finally, vacuum them one last time to freshen the carpet and remove any particles left by the cleaning process.

How to Protect Carpeted Stairs

The best thing you can do to protect your stairs is simply to vacuum them regularly (every day, if possible), as this will reduce the dirt and debris compressed into the fibers and save you from the need of doing a bigger clean-up. Also, make sure to shampoo it at least once per month; this will help them look young and new again.

Let’s summarize what we’ve seen as a conclusion.

Let’s summarize what we’ve seen as a conclusion.

How do you clean carpeted stairs?

Always start at the top of the staircase and begin with the brush. Remove anything that your stiff brush couldn’t remove with the vacuum and later wash it with shampoo. Dry it afterwards and the next morning, when it is a bit drier. Finally, vacuum it one last time to remove any debris that could have been left behind.

Can you put a runner over carpeted stairs?

Stair runners are a large mat-like stairs protector installed over the steps. The most popular one used to protect carpeted steps are the vinyl stair runners, especially if the carpet is too thick.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to clean carpet stairs and how to protect carpeted stairs, you’re ready to start your own stair cleaning! Remember: the staircase cleaning procedure begins at the top of the staircase, with some hard brushing, going through shampooing and ending with a vacuum after an overnight dry. Follow the steps in this order and we promise you that your stairs will shine through your house and you can enjoy the benefits of carpet and a carpet cleaning.

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