How Often Should You Clean Carpets – Tips

A carpet is a serious investment. You do not want it to wear out because you are not cleaning it as often as you should. Over time, your carpet will pick up dirt and dust. With a lot of people coming and going, you will find your carpet getting dirty quickly. In that case, how often should you clean carpets? It depends. That is the most straightforward answer to this question.

How Often Should You Clean Carpets

There are many benefits to having carpets, so it is important to take care of it. This post will tell you how often you should clean or hire someone for carpet cleaning. It will tell you some of the factors that will dictate where your carpet is up for cleaning or not. Keep reading.

How Often Should You Clean Carpets

The color of your carpet.

Light-colored carpets can bring a shining appeal to your home. However, you have to sweat to keep them clean. Bright colors will easily show dirt, and you have to clean them before they become a mess. Therefore, you will have to clean bright-colored carpets more often than you would dull ones.

Are your kids always at home?

Kids are a source of joy. They keep you happy. They will go out and play with mud and bring it all back to the house. All the debris will be left on the carpet. They will also smear food and anything else they touch on the carpets. With kids, you have to clean your carpet more often. Hire a professional who uses eco-friendly methods to clean the carpet for the safety of your young ones. 

For people with allergies, you have to clean your carpet more often.

Carpets will pick dirt and dust. When it accumulates, it will be a source of constant irritation. For someone with an allergy, a dirty carpet is not a good thing. You should clean your carpet after a short while to keep all the allergens out. 

How Often Should You Clean Carpets

Do people come inside your house with shoes?

Shoes pick all manners of dirt wherever you walk. All that dirt comes back to your house. If people are stepping on your carpet with shoes, all the grime and debris are left on your carpet. On top of your carpet wearing out fast, you have to wash it more times. If you want to trim down the number of times you have to clean your carpet, you should make a rule that no one should step on the carpet wearing shoes. 

Warranty requirements.

If your carpet comes with a warranty, it will have cleaning requirements. There will be a cleaning schedule you must follow. You must strictly follow the schedule, or else your warranty terms will be violated. 

How often do you vacuum your carpet?

Experts recommend that you vacuum your carpet once each week. It helps to keep your carpet clean as well as increase its lifetime. Doing it once a week means you will not need to clean your carpet very often. How often should you clean carpets is determined by several factors. These factors range from color, traffic, presence of kids and pets, to whether anyone has allergies in your household. If you have old stain on your carpet, then you must take action to remove them. After going over these factors, you can tell when your carpet is due for a cleaning.