Carpet Smells Musty (How to Fix That Smell)

Carpet Smells Musty (How to Fix That Smell)

When your carpet is clean, you can’t wait to step on it and relax in your living room. However, that anticipation can be put to a stop to carpet smells musty. Imagine getting a musty, rotting smell from your clean carpet. You will be so frustrated. If someone else did the cleaning, you would be calling them all manner of names. Relax; you are not alone in this one. A lot of other people are facing the same nightmare.

Musty Carpet Smell

If you have cleaned your carpet to remove old rust stains or to disinfect your carpet, but now have an unfortunate musty smell you’ll want to get rid of it quickly. Here is a post that will tell you everything you should know about a foul-smelling carpet after cleaning. You will know about the root causes. Besides, you will also learn a few solutions to the musty problem.

The biggest reasons why your carpet smells musty.

The most probable cause for a smelling carpet after cleaning is excessive water in its padding and backing. During cleaning, you used a lot more water than you could drive out. The water lodges itself deep into the carpet’s fabric and will not dry fast. When left in there, the excessive moisture will cause a foul mildew smell. The bad smell will not go away easily.

One quick solution is using shampoo, vinegar and water. Give your carpet a thorough cleaning and let it dry completely. You will get rid of both the mildew and the odor. You can also decide to dry your carpet. Open the windows and run your fan to increase circulation of dry air. If you have a space heater, use it to increase the rate of drying.

Foul-dog carpet smell after cleaning.

The strong musty smell of a wet dog is not easy to put up with. If this is the smell from your carpet, it is yet another problem with the padding and backing. However, this time, it is not excessive moisture. You are dealing with spills from urine, alcohol and any other notorious substances in your household. The spills go deeper into the fabric and will be releasing a dose of the rotten smell.

You should work on getting the padding dry. Using water will only amplify the problem. You should let the carpet dry. If you decide to give it another round of cleaning, use agents with microbial effects. Make sure this time you allow your carpet time to dry.

Musty carpet is a sign that things are not looking good.

It is not easy to come to terms with a musty carpet after taking time to clean it. You know the reasons why this is happening. The worst thing you can do with this problem is ignoring it, hoping that it will go away. You should take action as soon as you sense the musty smell. Remember, letting your carpet padding and underlying backing dry is the surest way to deal with the musty smell. As long as you use the right approach to get rid of the smell, it should not give you any more headaches. You can also try a variety of odor removers.

When carpet smells musty is consistent a problem in your house, it is time to act. You not only know why this is happening but also how to deal with it. If the problem persists, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to resolve the issue. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to clean carpet, it is important to do it right the first time around.

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