Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt – How Different Colors Handle Dirt

Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt – How Different Colors Handle Dirt

Some carpets can look clean for longer more than others. Others can get dirty in just a matter of moments after cleaning. The best carpet color to hide dirt can help you save you the time and money of regular cleaning. Expert recommendation: Pick a carpet color that can withstand a considerable measure of pedestrian activity without turning all murky at once. With the right carpet color, you wouldn’t have to vacuum every now and again.

So, What is the Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt?

Choosing carpet colors, just like with all other aspects of interior design, is not an easy task. Chances are you will be on blogs and social media for hours on end, hunting for ideas. After all, you want your home to look its best, trendy and stylish even when you are skipping the regular vacuuming.

Here is an important tip to remember: stains and dirt are not the same when it comes to carpet cleaning. But there is a crucial distinction; stains are spots on the cover from spills. Dirt is a dusty mess appearing on the carpet. A carpet that is great at hiding stains might not be good at hiding dirt.

Bright Shades of Red, Yellows and Orange

All bright colors perform poorly when it comes to camouflaging dirt on carpets. And that is not even the worst of it, these colors easily fade without regular cleaning. A week without cleaning of bright colored carpets can spell doom to your home’s beauty. If you must do, bright colors consider speckled carpets or a multicolored-pattern approach. Multi Colored carpets are a favorite to many interior designers, and they are used to hide dirt in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies

Pink, Rose, Light Green, and Light Brown

Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

These carpet colors are medium performers. You can spend a few days without a vacuuming a light brown carpet without the dirt showing. But you can bet that once these colors become saturated with dirt, you can do some dry cleaning to restore their shine.

Dark Shades of Brown, Green and Blue

Darker shades are the best carpet colors to hide dirt. Dark brown is particularly good in camouflaging dust and mud stains. You can count on powder and dust particles to hide in the dark brown carpet fibers for long without betraying you to visitors. You will also have no problem with dark green or deep blue.

Bottom Line

These shades of carpet are best suited for high traffic areas like stairways and waiting bays. The best carpet color to hide dirt is dark brown. You can also successfully conceal dirt with darker shades of green and blue. Pink, light green and light brown carpets have a fair performance when it comes to camouflaging dirt. If you must use bright colored carpets choose colorful patterns to camouflage the dirt. This will help your carpet still appear clean if you happen to miss a routine cleaning.

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