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Clean ducts include supply and return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, and heat exchangers. They also include condensate drain pans (also known as drip trays) and fan motor and housing, as well as the housing of the air handling unit.

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Duct cleaning includes all of these things. When it comes to pests, ducts are no exception (rodents or insects). If your supply registers are dirty, dust and debris will build up in the ducts, which will then leak into your home. Our professionals will remove the and clean the vent covers. Rotobrush is used to thoroughly scrub the inside of the duct work. It rotates at 450 rpm inside the air duct and make the debris comes out by loosening it from the surface.

Our team will also evaluate the filters and change them if necessary. After that, a product named as Benefect, a mild disinfectant, used to get rid of the vent system of any bacteria and allergens. 

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Remove & clean vent covers

Inspect, clean or replace your air filter if possible.

Insert a rotobrush to thoroughly scrub the inside of the duct work. The rotobrush is a fast rotating brush with a strong vacuum system attached to remove the debris after it has been scrubbed off the sides of the walls.

After the vents are cleaned, the vent system can be fogged with a product called Benefect, which is a mild disinfectant. This helps rid the vent system of any bacteria, allergens and odor.

Replace vent covers & vacuum your carpets.

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