How to Clean a Bathroom Step by Step – What the Pros Do

Cleaning your bathroom can be quite tiresome and a little unpleasant job. Knowing what to do and doing it systematically will save you a great deal of time and the task will be much easier to execute. Here are some tips on how to clean a bathroom step by step.

How to Clean a How to Clean a Bathroom Step by Step Bathroom Step by Step

Looking for ways on how to clean a bathroom step by step? First, take everything out of the bathroom, do a thorough dusting and more.

Take Everything Out

An amazing household tip is that being able to reach every dirty corner is key to easy and efficient cleaning. Moving items sitting in the bathroom will you give you the access and space to clean properly. Such items that need moving include rugs, towels, trash cans, and any other thing lying on or under the bathroom sink and tab.

Do Thorough Dusting

The thing about dusting is that you first get rid of all cobwebs on your walls, lighting and even vents before going on to vacuum the floor. This ensures that anything that drops as you dust those areas is picked up afterward as you clean the floor. Sometimes, you may need a ladder to reach high areas and corners. Vacuum or sweep the floor after that.

Start Working on the Bathtub and Shower

At this stage, just put some cleaner on the tub and shower and leave it for a while to work its magic. If you are a regular cleaner, use any detergent or the one you have been using. The shower is notorious for harboring some serious dirt and for this, use any acid-based detergent which you can buy or mix at home. Apply this and leave it to soak for a while.

Move On to Other Areas

Areas to clean here include glass surfaces, faucets, blinds, sink, countertop, and the towel rack. Apply some cleaner onto a sponge and thoroughly wipe these surfaces clean. You can also use a microfiber cloth which works as good as a sponge to clean. Some of these surfaces can be difficult to clean, you can use mixtures of vinegar, baking soda and warm water to get rid of notorious stains such as makeup or soap stains.

Finish Cleaning the Bathtub and Shower

After leaving them for a while, these surfaces are ready to clean as the cleaner has made your job easier. Wash away any stains and dirt that had built up and rinse.

Replace the Things You Took Out

Take back some if not all the things you removed while cleaning them to avoid bringing back dirt with them. Clean the shower door if you have one.

Wash the Toilet

Apply your regular toilet cleaner, scrub using a toilet brush and flush to rinse. To ensure it is totally clean, also wash the outside with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe using a cloth.

Clean the Floor

For this, you can use any all-purpose cleaner or make your own mixture at home to use as a cleaner. Pour water onto the surface to wet it first in preparation, mix a cup of baking powder, kosher salt, and borax. This makes a very good DIY cleaning powder. Sprinkle this onto the wet floor surface, leave it for ten minutes and scour it. Rinse the surface with hot water and dry it using a mop or clean cloth.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, cleaning a bathroom can be one of the most exciting chores if only done right. It does not always have to be disgusting when you think of your toilet bowl. Just be organized when it comes to cleaning and follow the above tips on how to clean a bathroom step by step to have a clean home and prevent it from getting messy all over again.

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