Can You Steam Clean a Suede Couch? – Keep Your Couch Looking New

Can you steam clean a suede couch? Suede sofas need extra care to ensure proper functionality and longevity. Steam cleaning an easy solution for maintenance. The steam heat will disinfect the suede couch as well as deep clean your sofa. Both things are important to get a durable result. In addition, while following this cleaning process, water will not get inside of your couch fibers. Here you will learn how to steam clean your couch, and what the benefits of steam cleaning are.

Why it is Safe to Steam Clean Your Suede Couch

The reason steam is a safe way to clean your suede couch is because it uses heat to clean. Heat will kill bacteria and will remove dust and dirt with little water. With steam, you will not experience spotting like you would with regular cleaning methods. The steam will pull all the dirt and dust out from the surface and will do a deep cleaning without using chemicals. Mold, mites, and any other bacteria will die while coming in contact with hot vapor. Hot water can be very effective to sterilize the surface for the deep cleaning.

What are the Benefits?Can You Steam Clean a Suede Couch

Suede needs special attention. The material is very sensitive. You cannot use water while cleaning suede. In addition, you can damage the signature texture by following wrong and improper cleaning methods. You can use a brush for clean, but it will only remove the surface dust and dirt and pet hair. It will not offer a deep clean. For deep cleaning, steam will be the right choice. It will disinfect your couch and can help to retain the freshness. You cannot expect all these benefits with water and other cleaning methods.

Can You Steam Clean a Suede Couch?

For deep clean, you can simply plug in your cleaner for heating. If your steamer has a low vapor mode then it will use less water and work well on the sensitive materials including the suede. Use your steam wand back and forth over the couch. Make sure that you are holding it roughly six inches from the surface. Make sure that you are not holding the steam tool so long over the couch that it gets soaked with water.

Bottom Line

Afterwards, you can mop your floors with vinegar, or if you have laminate you can use a homemade floor shiner, to completely clean the room. Brush your material with a suede brush to get back the signature raised look of your suede couch. So, can you steam clean a suede couch? The combination of steam cleaning and suede brushing will maintain the cleanliness and will offer the best look. Steam cleaning is an effective method to keeping suede clean, without ruining the fabric.

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